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“Works of Art” | Beatrice & Thomas’ Wedding | Through the Eyes of Art Heffron | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Beatrice & Thomas’ Wedding Day Highlights

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We had an incredible time photographing Beatrice & Thomas’ wedding on July 10th at Bethany Lutheran Church & The Wellshire Inn!  We love each and every couple that we have the privilage of working with, and each couple in their own unique way teaches us something new about our own lives!  After being part of Beatrice & Thomas’ day, we were reminded that we need to love and laugh a lot more often, not letting the small insignificant things in our lives consume our energy!  All the best and many blessings as you enter this beautiful time in your lives together!

“Works of Art” | Photo Blog | Brenda & Cooper’s Engagment | Art Heffron Photographer | Weddings – Fashion – Lifestyle

Karyn & I are beyond excited to be participating in such an incredible part of Cooper & Brenda’s lives together!  Coop was the first person I lived with upon moving to Colorado in May of ‘05.  Shortly after we became roommates, Coop & I discovered that we both grew up in Albuquerque, NM…and in a town of over 900,000 people,  we also discovered ‘as 16 year old boys’ we chased after the exact same girl!  To her loss, she didn’t give either of us the time of day…but our friendship has never looked back after learning that we shared the same ‘good’ taste, a great New Mexico upbringing & and a passion for quality, local beer (from the Golden City Brewery, of course – 2nd largest & tastiest brewery in Golden, CO).

Turns out, Coop & I both actually found much better women for ourselves…ones who still, miraculously, give us the time of day!  And speaking of the fabulous new woman in Cooper’s life, Karyn & I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Brenda over the past year and half and are thrilled that the two of them have found each other!  Coop & Brenda – you are incredible individuals and even more amazing as a couple!!

We can’t wait to head to Breckenridge this weekend to photograph Coop & Brenda’s special day!   Enjoy a few highlights from their engagement session last month.  We had a great time ‘shooting’ around our studio at RiverFrontPark, and then we all decided to grab a happy hour at Paris On The Platte!  Just when I was about to put away my camera for the evening, I noticed how much fun we were still having…so I decided to keep shooting through our happy hour as well!  Thanks Coop & Brenda for being so much fun to work with and for your constant friendship and support in our lives!  Love you guys…and congrats on this next step in life together.




“Works of Art” Photo Blog | Megan Burtt | Art Heffron Photographer | “When You Wish Upon a Folk Fest” | Jenn Cohen Writer

It has been more than a privilege working with Megan Burtt over the passed couple years through my non profit concert series Strings & Wood Concerts Recently we were able to collaborate through our good friend Jenn Cohen who is a great music writer around Denver to tell the story of Megan Burtt’s Journey to winning last years Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Young Songwriters competition chosen out of 700 entries.  Last years folk fest main stage featured acts like Ani DiFranco, David Wilcox, John Prine, The Waifes & my personal favorite Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova’s The Swell Season accompanied by musicians from The Frames.

Since Megan won last years Rocky Mountain Folks Fest songwriter competition she  finds herself playing this years folks fest on the main stage in a line up features Brandi Carlile, Jackson Brown, Martin Sexton, Eliza Gilkyson, and many other greats, Megan being my personal fav in this years main line up of course!  With Megan in the mix, there is no better year to attend the 2011 Rocky Mountain Folk Fest then this year as they celebrate 21 years of their festival!  Congrats to Megan and all that she has accomplished & thanks to Jenn Cohen & Keith Schneider of the Colorado Music Buzz for working with Megan & me to share Megan’s story.  Enjoy the interview that Jenn Cohen casually & flawlessly did during our photo session together last month.

I’m pretty sure Karyn & I are going to turn into kids in a candy store with the 2 3 day Rocky Mountain Folk Fest back stage photo passes we’ve been given for doing this shoot!  Thank you both Megs & Jenn for the once in a lifetime opportunity!


“Works of Art” | Brandon & Kristen’s Wedding | Through the Eyes of Art Heffron | Wedding-Fashion-Lifestyle Photographer

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I was honored not only to have photographed but to have also presided over Brandon & Kristen’s wedding on June 25th in my hometown of Albuquerque NM! Brandon is a long time friend from my college days, we roomed together, road tripped together from TX to WI, waded through the “Rio” together, fell in love with Niel Diamond together (attending 2 of his shows in the last 4 years) & we were painfully single together. I was the charm, he was the looks & we both were the humor…even with that powerful combo, it took us into our late 20′s to find women wild and brave enough to take us on 😉 Karyn & I are so thrilled that Brandon & Kristen have found each other…there aren’t words for how perfect the two of you are together! Thank you for trusting your old friend with your wedding day, it was truly a privilege to have been a part of it!

Family & Friends of Brandon & Kristen they are so blessed to have such wonderful people in their lives. Glad that you all were at the wedding to help them celebrate the start of their new life together! Enjoy viewing these wedding highlights from Brandon & Kristen’s amazing day!! Watch for all wedding day photos to be posted online within the next few weeks for viewing & purchasing! And be sure to touch base if you are getting married yourselves; we would love to play such an important role in your special day as well! Sincerely, ~Art & Karyn Art Heffron Photography